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5 Input Parameters //

ENTSO-E and ENTSOG published following input parameters for the public consultation to receive stakeholder feedbacks before finalising them. As explained before, only the datasets for deviation scenarios are part of public consultation and these datasets should be analysed together with their respective storylines. The NT+ datasets are provided for the information where the energy mix gap closing methodology (as an Annex to this Storyline Report) is provided for the public consultation.

  • Draft supply inputs for TYNDP 2024 Deviation Scenarios
    • Trajectories for Solar, Wind, Nuclear and Battery Capacities
    • Technology Costs
    • Commodity and CO2 prices
    • Extra EU Import Potentials for Methane
    • Extra EU Import Potentials and Prices for Hydrogen
    • Supply Tool
  • Draft demand inputs for TYNDP 2024: Deviation Scenarios
    • Full demand scenarios (input and outputs) will be available with the open-source tool for full transparency.
  • Draft Methodology Assumptions
    • Including the tool chain, modelling principles and five main innovations
  • Draft Carbon Budget Methodology1
  • Electricity and Hydrogen Reference Grid, electricity and hydrogen project candidates for investment with their draft cost assumption
    • These datasets are provided only for information (except for the methodology for the costs) as the collected datasets are for the next steps of TYNDP for the Identification of System Needs and CBA process. For the scenario purposes the expansion methodology considers the listed candidates by assuming linear relaxation.
  • NT+ demand and supply inputs
    • Solar, Wind, Nuclear and Battery Capacities (indicated as Best Estimates) and NT+ energy demand mix1 as collected by the TSOs and provided for information, not part of consultation.
    • Annex-2 ‘NT+ energy mix Gap closing methodology’ for consultation

1 NT+ energy demand mix is aimed to be published a week after the publication of the input parameters (e. g. 11th of July 2023)